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Part3 -Sharing Resources on A Microsoft Network

In this tutorial, I'll cover sharing resources between a Windows 98 Computer, and a Windows XP Computer. I chose these Operating Systems, because if you have to network two or more Windows XP machines, you can just repeat the XP portion twice, and the same idea if you have two 98 machines.

So, you've read Networking Fundamentals Part 1 and Part 2, and you have your computers networked. Now what?

Well, in addition to your computers being able to get to the Internet, you can share resources like Printer's and Files between computers. How do you do that? So glad you asked! smile.gif

Sharing Network Resources:
To share windows resources, your computers must have network access to each other (this includes being in the same workgroup or domain), have a resource shared, and access must be granted to the shared resource.

Network Connectivity (Domain/Workgroup:
Your computers must be on the same LAN, or be connected by a Router that knows both networks, or be connected by a Virtual Private Network (VPN). I'll cover a LAN connection, since it's the most common configuration for home users. LAN Connectivity is covered in Part 1 and Part 2.

Once you have network connectivity, you'll have to make sure the computers are in the same Workgroup or Domain.

In a Microsoft environment, a Domain is used to connect computers that authenticate to a common Windows Server. Workgroups are used for home or peer-to-peer networking, so that will be my focus here.

Setting the Workgroup in Windows 98:

Right click on network Neighborhood and click on Properties in the menu that comes up. In the Network window, click on the Identification tab.