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Webmasters can make money using their web site.
Make Money Online with Your Website
By Kelly Land, 2005 - 2010 ©, All rights reserved.

You can make money if you've got a web site that gets targeted traffic. If you've always thought of creating your own website but just weren't is the time to start that project. If you haven't picked our your domain name yet, be sure to read my latest article on How to Register a Domain Name. That's the VERY fist step on building your own site. Without a registered domain name, you won't get very far with creating your own website!

Pick a topic you love and will be happy to write about. You'll want to add fresh content daily to your site, that's why it's important to make the topic something you know about and find interesting.

Once you've got that done you use the following programs to place ads on your site that would appeal to your topic and visitors.

Every time one of your visitors clicks on any of the ads you've placed through these programs, you'll make money per click or per lead. It could be just change....but it all adds up! I've earned checks over $100 using these programs! Of course, how many clicks or leads you get will correlate typically with how much traffic your site is getting. Don't get discouraged if at first you're only making pennies per day.

As you work on your site, building it, adding content and working on optimizing it for your keyword niches - you'll see as your visitor base grows - so will your earnings. This can take awhile - but it's worth it. You're building something that's important to you and hopefully valuable to others as well. This will show in how often you update your site, the time you take to write good, fresh content that appeals to your audience and making your site easily navigable.

Researching SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important. Making your website good "spider" food for the search engines means it will be "crawled" more - indexed more etc.

So....take the steps to start your own site. Be original (Otherwise....why will people come? No one enjoys a copycat!)

Once you've got things going...start adding affiliate programs.

It's worth trying! Sign up for all of them and you'll have a wide variety of ads to choose from!

You offer your visitors other avenues for information on whatever your topic is, by placing ads that follow along the same lines.

Go ahead and create the website you've always dreamed of and start earning today!

Rextopia - Love this company. Your account rep is always sending you campaign ideas!

MaxBounty - Lots of great programs and high payouts! I've been very impressed. ON hands campaign rep to help you! This is a wonderful perk!

OffersQuest - HIGH payout--great programs! I average over $100 a month.

ClickThru - A great way to earn cash. EASY! You get 10% commission on the cash your referrals earn.

We are always adding new programs to help you cash in with your website, so please stop back by or bookmark this page so you can check out the latest on what we find.

The more programs you sign up for (and they are all free), the better chance you have of earning with your website.

If you know of any great programs as well --let us know and we'll do our best to pass it along to other webmasters that want to earn with their site with legitimate programs.

Best of luck to you in your web site endeavors!